Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mighty Skug

Yesterday was International Pinhole Photography day (or something like that). For me, this means lugging a tripod
deep into the woods and getting multiple
mosquito bites while I stand by moving water and count "One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi....twelve thousand forty eight Mississippi". Like Christmas, I am glad it
is only once a year.
Taken with a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera.


  1. That's some intense moving water, and a beautiful composition that's all the more impressive in view of the lack of a viewfinder. I hope you have lots of topical Benadryl. No digital watch?

  2. It's strange but I have never worn a watch.
    Counting "Mississippi's" and swatting mosquitos
    at the same time can be challenging.

  3. I imagine it can be! I'm glad you made the picture anyway.