Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Post #100

So this is it, the big post 100!
No image this time.
But as a way of saying thanks to those of you who are followers or who take the time to post a comment,
I am giving away a print to the first two people who leave a comment here. If I am in a benevolent mood,
perhaps I will send a print to the first three folks who comment (if indeed three people leave a comment).
This isn't an original idea. I have seen Robert Holmgren do this on his blog.

And I an not going to tweet this. I will just let people find this post on their own this time.

Two things.

1. You pick which image you want from my blog or my Flickr stream. I will print it for you with one of
my dedicated B&W carbon ink printers on an archival cotton Rag paper (most likely Hahnemuhle Photo
Rag). And I will sign it on the back of the print as well. The print will most likely be 7x7 on an 8.5x11
sheet of paper. If it's not a square image, the largest dimension will probably be about 9 inches.
And give me a week or so to get the print in the mail to you.

2.  I am going to limit this to U.S. and Canadian commenters only this time. I will do this again for
folks outside North America in the future. I promise.

Email me with your name and address if you are one of the first few commenters and you would like a
print. If you don't want a print and just want to leave a comment, that's cool too. And please remember to give me the title of the image you want.
Email me at

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my blog. I sincerely appreciate it.



  1. Jim, I've long admired your work and would be delighted to receive a print. I'll e-mail shortly. And congratulations on your 100th post!

  2. Jim, congratulations on your 100th post! You're an inspiration.

  3. Congrats on your 100th post... I can only dream of reaching this amount, I am so tardy!

  4. Thanks Paul and Jacki, your prints will be on the way shortly.
    Thanks Ky, I am willing to make you the de-facto winner of the first
    international print giveaway sweepstakes. So if you would like a print,
    please let me know.

  5. What is the second place prize?

  6. Hey Mark,

    Second prize is a half empty bottle of Haffenreffer or a $500 gift certificate to Still River Editions.

  7. I'll take the bottle, $500 is way too much because Still River Editions offers such reasonably pricing for their fine art printing services.

  8. Yes Mark, 500 bucks is very fair for an 8x10.