Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holga Out of the Box Competition

My friends' horse Sassy is proud to announce that she received a third place award in the upcoming "Holga Out of the Box" show which opens at the TCC Photo Gallery in Longview, Texas on
February 19 and runs through March 25.

Thanks Sassy!


  1. Congratulations Jim. Love the image especially Sassy's aura.

  2. Very well done & deserved Jim..

    Suzi :)

  3. Hi, Great shot! We recently launched the HolgaDirect website which is dedicated to Holga cameras and photographers. Be sure to check out the great articles, interviews and online store at

    Keep up the Good Work!


  4. I can not believe that you aren't planning to visit Longview. Unfathomable.

  5. Guy, I have nothing against the fine city and citizenry of Longview. It's just that I am wanted "Dead or Alive" there. So why don't you go in my stead and just say that you are me.