Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Experiments in Printing

 I've been experimenting recently on printing images on various media and then somehow layering them together to form one image.
This image is composed of an image printed on Unryu White paper layered on top of the same but darker image printed on glassine material.
The two images are slightly misaligned to create a sense of motion.

I'll post some additional layered stuff soon involving translucent papers as well as images created by layering various papers over metal and wood.

BTW, the original image for this was created with a Holga 120N.


  1. Wow, that's very painterly and dreamlike! I feel small and protected among these tall trees.

  2. Great experiment, Jim. I like the connection this image seems to have to the first photographs ever made - slightly out of focus, slightly ethereal, a sense of impermanence.

  3. Yep, the misalignment really works to create a feel of the trees moving in the wind. I love this. A more subtle approach than ICM.


  4. Another vote in favor of the misalignment here! Jim, you're doing all these things I'm thinking about -- I have to get on the stick ;-)

    Have you seen the Starn Twins' layered pieces, by any chance? That's what got me thinking about it (and yes, that's how long I've been "thinking"...)

    Would really love to see this in person!

  5. Bonnie, as much as I like to say that I am not a fan of the Starn Twins,
    it was really their images of layered trees that got me thinking about this. I also saw some additional pieces of theirs at AIPAD recently and
    they were quite inspirational.
    Still experimenting with lots of media to see if I can come up with something that I'm happy with. I do like this combination, however.
    Although printing on glassine is a bit interesting, as the ink is still wet
    as the print emerges from the printer.

  6. Fascinating. Props to you for putting glassine through a printer, brave man. I tried making some business collateral using glassine once and the laser printer couldn't get into the spirit of it at all ;-)

    I've done some image transfers onto acetate, it works fairly well. I believe I've seen semi-opaque acetate that's cloudy looking... I think (though I may be thinking of gels for lighting)... I wonder if that would work? Very different texture though, and probably not at all what you're going for.

  7. Oh and re: the Starns -- those layered tree images were the only recent thing of theirs I've liked, too. I was very sad to have missed out on their 20x200 edition, even though the chances of snagging one of each of the two layering parts was pretty slim (and one without the other would hardly be worth the frenzy)!