Friday, September 16, 2011

Continental Divide

Lower Darnley, Prince Edward Island
Holga 120N


  1. Hi Jim! You've had a complete optimist and dreamer (been called naive) (and love it) join you as a follower. I have not had the passion really to do a photography course or get a professional camera, I just love my small 12.1mpx Canon digital. And I love the fact that the universe is so adamant on expressing itself and seeing itself in art that it will love it anyway it comes- through a digitally enhanced professional photo or through a fuzzy snapshot with one of those disposables you can get at your local petrol station! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I think the world needs and would love your tree/nature photography. The further away we get from our true selves the louder that voice is that's calling us back. I think there is a real trend with all the leaps and bounds we are making with technology, all the new things we keep discovering, to go back to what we know and renew our souls in the glory of nature. Shutting up now. How exciting is capturing a moment?!?

  2. Thanks Jacki!

    Nadya, thanks! Great to see that you embrace photography more than technology. Many folks get lost in that maze I fear.