Monday, February 13, 2012

The Green Space Series

Recently, I started shooting color images with my Holga  for a series of images called "Green Space" About a half dozen rolls of film into this series,  I realized that this series would be better served shot with a (quotation fingers) "real camera".
So I have shelved this series for a bit until I figure out what I want to do. In the meanwhile, I will most likely post some of the Holga shots here or on flickr.
This image was taken in Malden, MA with a Holga 120N.


  1. My first reaction to this was to see it as delicious irony. Then I found myself thinking about the children's book, "The Tin Forest," by Helen Ward. In this story, a man lives in a gloomy place full of garbage, and he decides to make a forest out of the garbage. A bird comes to the garbage forest, and brings more and more life to it until it's vibrant and quite real... In any case, I'm interested to see how your "Green Space" evolves!

  2. Thanks Jacki. The images are ironic I think. It has to do with all these strange little manmade incursions into "nature" , or what we perceive as nature. And, of course, green seems to be the unifying color.

  3. That sounds like a perfect project for you to be doing. The irony of flowers and a greenish sky painted on a fragment of wood (or metal), in a field of real weeds and a blue sky that's real...