Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nelson Island #1 (Kallitype)

A recently posted image re-imagined and re-worked as a Kallitype.
Contact printed from an enlarged digital negative and developed in a mixture of borax and rochelle salts. Quickly toned in Kodak selenium toner. Printed on Arches Palatine paper.


  1. Wow, that makes a stunning kallitype, Jim! It has a wonderfully timeless quality. I admire your alt printing!

    1. Thanks Jacki. I'm just a novice at alt printing but I am intrigued by the vast possibilities that some of these processes allow. I'm particularly interested in the Kallitype process, however. Also, I have a great instructor for these various processes and that really helps.

    2. I have a feeling that your talent contributes, too :-)