Saturday, January 4, 2014

Three Trees #2

Andover, MA
Agfa Isoly with transplanted and inverted Holga lens


  1. I'm so drawn into this glowing dream world ...

  2. G'day mate, and greetings from positively balmy Liverpool.
    Not necessarily tree related, but I was wondering how you're doing. I've put the tv news on for the first time this week and see that it's been colder than a witches' tit over there. I know you have good taste in sweaters, so hope that you're wrapping up in something warm and stylish.
    I worry about you, and hope that old age hasn't taken too many of your faculties just yet.
    Your cheeky scouse comrade wishes you well.

    1. So nice of you to check in Mr. Grumble.
      Nice of you to remember that the "social" part of social media actually involves being, well, for the lack of a better word, "social".
      Yes, it has been a bit nippy here due to this "polar vortex" nonsense. But here in New England (as in, the new and improved England) we have been on the edge of the frigid weather.
      Although it has been below zero F recently, it was springlike yesterday (around 60F). It's the midwest that's suffering the most from unwelcome polar intrusion.
      My taste in sweaters remains unparalleled.
      Here's wishing you a properly wonderful new year. You. Whoever you are.
      Email me (

  3. A wee bit o' brilliance here, sir.