Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Website

Recently, I revised my website and added a new series of images that I call "Snapshots From Away". This is a series of Holga snapshots taken over the past few summers in my summer home of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Check it out if you have a spare moment. More new series (and revisions of existing series) coming soon.


  1. Your website looks fantastic! The design is just wonderful, and it's full of beautiful photographs. Great work!

  2. Thanks Jacki. If time permits they'll be more coming soon.

  3. You have a lovely website, Jim! And it’s good to see that you made certain revisions. It is very important in keeping a website up-to-date, because that’s the only way for your follower/readers to know what you're working on, as well as the latest additions to your collection. Keep it up!

    Della Meyer @ Spark Local Marketing