Sunday, December 28, 2014

Land of a Thousand Suns #1

Agfa Isoly with transplanted and reversed Holga lens. Expired Lucky film.


  1. Wow, Jim, that's fabulous! I've never seen more perfect backing paper :-) And what a wonderful place to be in our imaginations during this time of short days - the antidote for winter.

    1. No one makes backing paper like the Chinese film manufacturers. :) Unfortunately, Lucky film is no more, but I do know people who have gotten "bad" batches of Shanghai film. So there's hope yet.

    2. I once got some backing paper print with Lomography film, which I think was rebranded Shanghai. But nothing as wonderful as this.

    3. I got a couple of "bad" rolls of Shanghai film from Eben when I was in CA. It was an early batch of Ultrafine Extreme 100 film which was rebranded Shanghai. I think Ultrafine has since changed manufacturers.