Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Postcards from the Mesozoic #2 (The acrylic transfer on gold leaf version)

With some spare time (finally), I have been trying to further deconstruct some already deconstructed images.
Lots of trial and error, lot's of "I wonder if this will work?".
And I'm glad gold leaf isn't actually made out of solid gold otherwise I'd be broke by now.
This is an acrylic transfer applied onto gold leaf. The original was shot in Holbrook, AZ with a flipped-lens Brownie Hawkeye Flash and some dangerously expired film.
And to answer my own "I wonder  if this will work" question, the answer is usually no, it doesn't work.


  1. Apparently it did work this time :-) Amazing image!

  2. Thanks, Jacki. I am going to attempt a few more of this type of print I think.

  3. Really has that "you were there" quality.

    1. But was I there in Holbrook, AZ or the actual Mesozoic Era?