Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Winter's Backdrop #2

 Another image made with the strange Certo SL110 camera.

That's my "cheat sheet" on the blue tape on top of my Certo.

From Camerapedia:
"Another interesting feature is the way exposure parameters are set - in spite of having both the aperture and shutter speed variable, the camera has only one setting ring common for both parameters. Shutter speed/aperture pairs are permanently coupled together, appropriately to five conditions illustrated by symbols placed on the ring: 1/125s and f16 for bright sun/beach, 1/125s and f11 for average sunny conditions, 1/30s and f16 for light clouds, 1/30s and f11 for medium clouds and 1/30s at f8 for heavy clouds or rain".

There is no "B" setting on the Certo SL110.


  1. A very different feel from your Hasselblad image ... but just saying this seems silly; of course it is! In any case, Excelsior!

    That camera cracks me up - it's really trying to do all the thinking for you.

    1. But I need a camera that does all the thinking for me.