Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ipswich, MA
Holga 120N


  1. Great photo! I had to look up "efflorescence," and I congratulate you on choosing that title over the synonymous "saltpetering."

    1. David,

      If you have done as much retouching as I have on architectural imagery, then you would know what "efflorescence" was.
      BTW, my quote to remove the efflorescing in the above photo would be about three or four hundred bucks. But I am far too cheap to actually pay myself that kind of money. And besides, it would just end up being a photo of a plain wall.

  2. Jim, your services are worth much more than you're not paying yourself. Sort of like this exchange between Groucho and a faculty member in "Horse Feathers:"

    Wagstaff: "How much am I paying you fellows?"
    Professor: "Five thousand a year...but we've never been paid."
    Wagstaff: "In that case, I'll raise you to eight thousand."