Saturday, May 12, 2012

Plastic Fantastic III Show

 I am happy to say that two of my images (both seen here previously),
"Birdwatchers" and "The Clearing",
have been accepted into the Plastic Fantastic III Show at the Lightbox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, OR.
All of the images for the show will eventually be posted on the gallery's site, but for now, more info about the show and gallery can be found here.
Birdwatchers is a holga shot made in September, 2011 and The Clearing was made recently with a Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera with an inverted lens. This image is an emulsion transfer to aluminum roof flashing. Check out the show if you are in the Astoria area. It will run from June 9 through July 7.


  1. Congratulations, Jim! Wonderful work and great news.

  2. Very lovely work Jim. Inspiring. I'll keep in touch with your journal here and I followed you on Tweeter. Cheers Steve