Saturday, February 16, 2013

Along Commons Road

This image, titled "Along Commons Road", is part of my series of images shot in Dogtown, Gloucester, MA with a Holga camera. You can see the ever-changing series here on my website.


  1. A perfect moment ... composition, light, shadows, and edge blur ... seen with a wonderful sensitivity.

    At the hardware store today, I saw someone with a T-shirt that said "Dogtown", and all I could think of was your photos. I half-wished I'd had the nerve to ask him if I could photograph it :-)

  2. Thanks Jacki. I can only speculate but the "Dogtown" t-shirt you saw may have been the Santa Monica skateboarding ones, or the animal rescue group. I don't think I have ever seen a Dogtown shirt for sale, even in the touristy shops of Gloucester or Rockport. Seems like most locals just ignore the place.